Client Comments

There’s no greater reward than a satisfied client, these kind words from them are the force that drives our commitment to superior customer satisfaction.

Cynthia Havens is the most talented interior decorators you will ever come across She is professional and takes personal interest with every detail. Cynthia has a talented eye and makes suggestions around my needs. She is so personable that she quickly became a best friend. She came over one day and with in one hour she rearranged my home so it looked new. You can’t have a more creative, fun person as an interior decorator in your home than Cynthia Havens.

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Cherie B. Mathews

Project Price Range: more than $100,000

We bought a 15-year old home that was outdated and in need of small construction projects, remodel, and repair. Cynthia helped me see the potential in the floor plan and managed the entire project. In 3 months it was completed and WOW!! The outcome was spectacular.

Cynthia helped me understand my style. The paint colors, tile, carpet, lighting, granite, and cabinetry stain/refinish and the workmanship to accomplish the transformation was phenomenal. Cynthia also helped me choose and purchase custom built furniture for the core furnishings as well as helped me choose and purchase store bought pieces.

Several visitors to my home have asked me for Cynthia’s contact info stating they were sooo impressed.

Besides being very professional and so talented in her ability to transform a space and decorate it, Cynthia was so much fun and I enjoyed getting to know her and the experience.

The name of Cynthia’s company, AWESOME INTERIORS, really is defining of the work she does. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Janet Sullivan

I have worked with Cynthia on several projects , They always come together beautifully, and always have that perfect balance of detail.

Fineline Woodworks

We lived in a family room for seven years that I knew just didn’t work anymore. But I didn’t know where to begin. Thankfully, I saw your website and called. In your one day make over, you transformed a room that had no personality, to one of comfort and warmth. Without buying one new piece of furniture you were able to create a new room. I keep walking in it and going, WOW!

I would whole heartedly recommend you to everyone who is thinking of doing this. It is an affordable way to transform what you have into a whole new room. Your suggestion for added pieces, were affordable and reasonable and I couldn’t wait to go get them and put them in place.

Denise Martin

Cynthia, I love, love, love, my new decor! What a pleasant difference you have made from my past experience with other decorators. I would like for you to come back and do more decorating! I have received so many compliments on your work. Please add my testimonial to your website because I truly could not be more pleased. You are a perfectionist that pays attention to the smallest details and I appreciated that.

Debbie Lee

Thank you, thank you soooo much. I can’t wait for Kendall to come home over spring break to see her newly decorated room! You were great in understanding what we wanted and it all came together beautifully. The furniture placement is perfect. The rug warms up the room, the chair creates such a restful spot, and of course the fabrics make it! I would definitely call on you and Taylor again. I thank Taylor for working so patiently in painting the room. I know that was quite a job. It’s so great to know that your services are in our area and I will sing your praises to anyone wanting to redesign. Of course, you can use any comments we make for your website and business. The second floor looks more complete now! Thank you, thank you.

Georgette Sullins

I just wanted to thank you for all your help these past few months with decorating our home. You always have the most wonderful ideas. I don’t know how you manage it all. You are always up on the latest trends, and know just the look to achieve to transform a plain room into a beautiful make statement room. You always come up with great ideas and are able to read my mind on how I want a room to look. My friends really enjoyed the room makeover party. It was amazing to see how you could take things we already had in the house and transform a dull boring room into our favorite room in the house, you have got some great talent! I better not say to much more for fear HGTV – Design on a Dime, Sensible Chic or Trading Spaces will come looking for you and we will lose you to Hollywood designing for the Stars! I look forward to working with you at the new studio. We are so happy for you.

Richard & Gigi Foerster

What can you really accomplish in an hour with a decorator like Cynthia Burke Havens?

I can tell you that for me it was quite a bit!

I had at the very least a dozen questions written down before she arrived, so I was very ready for this consultation. I just hoped we could get to it all. We did get to it all, and she really answered my every concern. She offered practical advice that involved simply moving around what I had into a more pleasing arrangement for my most problematic room. I explained my budget concerns, dreams, time line, and she really listened.

Cynthia then gave me some assignments to complete before she comes back. They were easy and very specific. She told me where to go and where to find the best prices. She also gave me a very realistic idea of what to expect to pay for certain items. She handled everything in a positive and affirming manner. She put me at ease and we had fun. I am looking forward to an ongoing decorating friendship in the future.

Anthea Kotlan