New Year, New Trends

2016 is keeping us on our toes with new design trends coming out. Stay on top of things with these ten ideas design experts are exploring.

1. Rose Quarts and Serenity
Keep an eye out for the two Colors of the Year named by Pantone.

2. Design Detox
Many wallpaper and paint companies prefer warm, calm and quiet colors this year for a more simple look.

3. Warm Metals
One way to save money on designing your home is to stick to classic materials that won’t go out of style when the Design Gods change their looks. London designers are saying this can be done with metals and natural materials.

4. Rough Luxe
Adding colors and papers that have some texture and roughness can create an intriguing accent to your home.

5. Customized Interior
Many brands are continuing the option of customizing your furniture to create your own look this year.

6. Retro Tech
Television companies are taking advantage of our dependence on technology by designing more attractive TV sets with built in features.

7. Tailored Materiality
Office furniture is being made with an array of material options to better blend the pieces and give off a homier feel.

8. Seamless Functionalities
Multi-functional furniture and appliances are becoming more and more common in homes.

9. 70s-Inspired
The extreme movements of the 70s are not a thing of the past when it comes to interior design. Designers are being brought down memory lane with bold patterns, intense shapes, crazy colors and furs.

10. Agile Planning
Desks with adjustable height configurations are in high demand with companies of all different sizes.

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